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Specially curated by our sommeliers and shisha masters. 10 years in development for your sampling pleasure.

The Metaverse £75

A burst of sweet berries with a small comfort of mint for your refreshment

The Secret Garden £75

A refreshing and zesty concoction that features a citrusy mix with a taste of mint, this is a perfect combination to cool you down on a hot summers day

The Social £75

This flavour is dedicated for our dessert lovers! It is a luscious and indulgent blend of creamy sweetness and a deep waffle taste, with a hint of nutty undertones

The Aristocrat £75

A harmonious blend of fragrant teas with subtle hints of exotic spices and floral citrusy notes, reminiscent of a traditional oriental tea ceremony

The Summer Vibe £75

A combination of a vibrant and juicy fusion of ripe tropical fruits, indulging a refreshing spirit of summertime

The Shrinking Violet £75

Our unique mix that will leave you coming back. Just as sweet as love can be when present it will leave you craving more without it. Find out the unique taste that will leave you dreaming

Take Me To Courchevel £75

We will take you up the icy mountains of Courchevel with our frozen sweet mix, it will leave you wishing to explore the frosty beauty found high up


Subzero £25

Disposable pipe £5


Grapefruit £25

Pineapple £25


Join our sommeliers to choose and make your own signature mix.

Brands available:

Dark Side / Must Have / Black Burn / Daily Hookah / Al Fakher / Al Nakhla / A Daily A / Layali / Savaco